Steel Grey Allure by Jean Yves

The bridal industry and the men’s formal wear industry have finally joined forces! Allure Bridals and Jean Yves Formalwear have partnered together to create a new line of rental wedding tuxedos, aptly named “Allure Men by Jean Yves” and it’s Available to Rent Now!

The line features Steel Grey, Heather Grey, and Tan Tuxedos, which are all identical in design except for Tan which doesn’t use any satin. These ‘Allure Men’ Tuxedos are already drawing some real interest and are expected to be crowd favorites. And because we are dedicated to providing you with the widest selection of the latest and greatest.



Steel Grey Allure by Jean Yves

Allure Men’ by Jean Yves is an exciting new line of wedding tuxedos born from an inspired partnership between Allure Bridals and Formalwear International. The Allure Men line of rental tuxedos showcases high quality materials, an updated slimmer silhouette, and modern fashion-conscious styling.

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