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Wedding FAQ2019-06-13T10:18:15-05:00
What if I have out-of-town groomsmen?2018-05-01T16:27:07-05:00

John’s Tuxedos is best suited for handling this situation for several reasons. When there are one or more wedding party members who live out-of-town, some brides and grooms think they need to use a national chain to accommodate fittings. Not so! The reality is that your out-of-town members can go to any tuxedo shop, suit store or tailor and ask for a “courtesy fitting” and then phone in their measurements to any shop. John’s Tuxedos carries their inventory in-house and all alterations are done on-site, unlike national chains. This gives John’s the ability to “correct” any measurements that are sent in from out-of-town groomsmen that may or may not be correct. Also, John’s alterations team will have you in and out in 10 to 20 minutes in most cases. No need to come back the next day or have to deal with the uncomfortable situation of having to wear clothes that do not fit properly.

How many months in advance should I book my wedding?2018-05-01T16:26:50-05:00

You should reserve your wedding party’s tuxedos or suits typically 4 to 8 months prior to your wedding. There are several variables which may extend or shrink this time frame however. For example, if your engagement is short, or you or your fiancé may not be able to book more than 3 months in advance. This is o.k.! We can arrange to have a wedding party’s formal wear ready on short notice. Just give us a call and we’ll work within your needs. Also, if you have special requests, you may want to book your wedding party as soon as possible.

How soon should the men get fitted?2018-05-01T16:26:33-05:00

Ideally your men should be fitted 2 to 3 months prior to the date of the wedding. Boys should be fitted one month prior to the wedding date. Of course if someone is out-of-town or works off-shore for instance, they may not be able to come in 2 months or more before, just get them fitted as soon as possible. Out-of-town groomsmen can get their measurements at most tuxedo shops, tailors, or suit stores where they live and then phone them in to us. Having our inventory in stock and knowing the style you’ve reserved, allows us to have adequate back-up for any late-comers.

What is appropriate attire for a given time of year or time of day?2018-05-01T16:26:11-05:00

Deciding which style of tuxedo is appropriate for the time of day or time of year of your wedding, is an important one. While there are general rules to follow there are many exceptions as well.

Beginning with seasons, black is appropriate year-round. In the spring and summer, white or ivory dinner jacket options are available as well as grey tuxedos. That said, the color and style of bridesmaids dresses picked, weighs heavily in the decision of what the men should or should not wear. If you’re using navy bridesmaid dresses for instance, grey tuxedos may be a better choice over black. If your wedding is in the fall or winter, there are medium to darker grays available. Please feel free to call or stop in with any questions you may have.

If I’m having a black tie reception, what should I have my groomsmen wear?2018-05-01T16:25:38-05:00

Most of the time, the groomsmen are wearing “white tie and tails” or what’s known as “full-dress” when the reception is going to be “black tie”. The general idea is to have the wedding party dressed one notch above the guests. So if your guests are in tuxedos, it’s a good idea to put your groomsmen in tails.

How and when do the groomsmen pay? Is anything required at the time of fitting?2018-05-01T16:25:17-05:00

Generally payment is not required up front at the fitting. Occasionally if special order items are being used, there may be a down payment required. We do ask that a credit card number be left on file at time of fitting for security purposes.

If my dress is white or ivory, do the men need certain color shirt, tie or vest?2018-05-01T16:24:57-05:00

If your dress is white, white is the obvious choice for the shirts for the men. If your dress is ivory or off-white, consider using ivory tuxedo shirts for the men. You do not need to be concerned with an exact match of ivory to ivory. Industry standard ivory shirts will blend in with a range of non-white dress shades.

What happens if someone’s tuxedo doesn’t fit properly?2018-05-01T16:24:37-05:00

Your groomsmen comes in from out-of-town 20 minutes before the shop closes and the ceremony is early the next morning. He tries on his tuxedo and the measurements he submitted don’t line up with his physique. Well that’s when you’re glad you chose a local shop with on-site inventory that does all alterations on site. Within minutes, his pants are hemmed, sleeves taken up, shirt changed out and he’s on his way looking sharp. This is where you will be glad you choose John’s Tuxedos as your formal wear shop.

What is the return policy?2018-05-01T16:24:19-05:00

Return policy is all tuxedos are to be returned the following business day unless otherwise noted. We are closed on Sundays.

Is a regular tie as formal as a bow tie?2018-05-01T16:23:43-05:00

While a regular tie is often used with a tuxedo, it is not as formal as a bow tie.

When can the tuxedos be picked up? When do they need to be returned?2018-05-01T16:14:48-05:00

Tuxedos are ready to be picked up on the Thursday the weekend of the wedding. Return policy is all tuxedos are to be returned the following business day unless otherwise noted. We are closed on Sundays.

Tuxedo or suit; what’s the difference?2018-05-01T16:14:10-05:00

The main difference between a tuxedo and a suit is satin. Typically tuxedos have satin lapels and buttons. Tuxedo pants will have satin trim on the side of the legs of the pants. Tuxedos are for formal events and suits are for semi-formal events. Suits have a lapel made out of the same material as the suit and its buttons are plastic.

Should you wear a suit or tuxedo for your wedding?2018-05-01T16:13:50-05:00

It depends on what message you want to send to your guests and bride. A nice suit will get you dressed up but this is the same look that you could wear any other day of the year? Also, will you blend in with the attendants at your wedding? A tuxedo signifies that this is a special day for you and your bride. Show your bride and your guests that this is a special moment in your life and you want to look your best.

Should my men wear a classic style tuxedo or the most current style available?2018-05-01T16:11:45-05:00

While we appreciate the desire to personalize many things for your wedding, we don’t recommend going overboard on the trendiest styles of clothes and shoes. Consider staying with styles that have stood the test of time. A classic style tuxedo with bow tie is always a safe bet.

Consider your wedding pictures hanging in our house years after your wedding day, make sure you are comfortable with the attire of your groomsmen.

Should my men wear a bow tie or a long tie?2018-05-01T16:07:39-05:00

It all depends on the look you are going after. If you are looking to stay formal, bow ties are the best bet. A traditional black bow tie with a cummerbund or vest will never go out of style.

With that being said, wearing a long tie with a tuxedo has become a new trend over the past few years, which allows a semiformal look with a tuxedo.

Consider the formality of your bridesmaids dresses along with the formality of the wedding venue when choosing the styles of tuxedos for your fiance and your men.

Should we stay with a black tie or add some color to the groomsmen tuxedos?2018-05-01T16:07:01-05:00

This is a question that we get asked all of the time and every wedding helps us formulate an answer. Many brides want to match colors of the bridesmaids dresses to the men’s ties. If you are looking to do this please bring in a swatch of the bridesmaids dresses to match the colors. Another option is to complement the bridesmaids dresses with some colors in the same family, or choose a neutral color such as silver or champagne.

Staying with a black tie will give you the most traditional and formal look, however many couples like to use accent colors for the men. Talk to your fiance and decide which style will be best for your wedding day.

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