John’s Tuxedos is best suited for handling this situation for several reasons. When there are one or more wedding party members who live out-of-town, some brides and grooms think they need to use a national chain to accommodate fittings. Not so! The reality is that your out-of-town members can go to any tuxedo shop, suit store or tailor and ask for a “courtesy fitting” and then phone in their measurements to any shop. John’s Tuxedos carries their inventory in-house and all alterations are done on-site, unlike national chains. This gives John’s the ability to “correct” any measurements that are sent in from out-of-town groomsmen that may or may not be correct. Also, John’s alterations team will have you in and out in 10 to 20 minutes in most cases. No need to come back the next day or have to deal with the uncomfortable situation of having to wear clothes that do not fit properly.